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If you can help with a cash donation, Petco/Petsmart gift card, food, bowls, leashes, collars, dog beds, kennels, toys, or crates please email Click Here! or use our donation link below. Chows Plus Rescue is an All-Volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization - Tax ID #27-3935168

The Dogs Appreciate Your Support and Consideration! Bear

Thank You!

In Memory of Shae
Shae was a favorite dog of many. She is missed by Hollie McGovern and her family in Nevada City, CA.

Zippy in her new home in Canada with her brother and sister chows!

Here's Mitzee doing great in her new home. Her new owners write that Mitzee is a great dog- she watches over their daughter! So sweet!

I set up a dog run for Tyler with a love seat in my backyard.

He loves his love seat and I love him.

Hope your well.

With gratitude,

Moira McLaughlin
Dog Art Today
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Hello to all at Chows Plus Rescue!

We have attached pictures of Laddie! He has adjusted very well to his forever home in Nevada. He loves his brothers Cooper (Rescue Australian Shep.) and Gizmo (Yorkie). They play, and nap together and follow each other around all the time!

Sometimes Laddie just has the look of 'WOW! Am I dreaming? Is this Doggie Heaven? There is SO much love that I get here! Good food! Treats! Toys! Comfie bed when I want my time alone or sleep with my parent's in a comfie bed, either one I choose! I love it here!!! They can't keep their hands off me!! They constantly give me body massages and scratch me right behind my ears (they must know what it does to me) because it makes me feel so good and I feel so loved!"

He has brought so much happiness to us! We love Laddie! Yes! He knows his name quite well and knows "Treats" quite well also!

Thank you! Sam, Diana, Cooper and Gizmo! (Laddie thanks you also!)

Yukon in his new forever home!

Hi Cheryl,

Here's a photo of Shadow and me. He's doing really well. He's such a great dog. People everywhere comment on how beautiful he is. He aced the 6-week training class. He's such a food hound; he does anything for treats. I'm so happy with him. Thank you again for rescuing him.


Hi Cheryl,
Attached are some shots of Kong. The first one he is at obedience school with us, this is week three. We are learning "wait" and how to begin walking with a loose leash among other things. He has "sit" and "down" mastered!

The second two shots are him just relaxing with his rope... he has settled in very well with us and everyone, even the dog trainers, comment on what a great, sweet personality he has. We are grateful to have him in our lives!

Best to you and everyone at Chows Plus!


Hi Cheryl,

This photo is from Kodi's graduation from beginning obedience school. He is very smart and a fast learner. Everyone he meets comments on how happy he always seems. I think so too! He gets along with Rosie, his yellow lab sister, like they have been buddies for years.

I am so happy to have him in my life. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

Laurie Santo

Honey and Wyatt having fun -- Honey and Zorro in the river.

Adopted by Carol and Mike in Livermore, CA!

Hi Cheryl,
This picture was taken on Easter, my little girl loves her walks, rain or shine. Furby just completed her beginning obedience training class and did really well....she is perfect:-) and I love her more every day.

Thanks again for making it possible for me to adopt her.


I just wanted to send you a picture of our dogs that we adopted from Chows Plus a year ago! Brody and Kory have grown into such handsome dogs and they are the love of my husband and I's life! This picture is after we played a long game of ball with them; their favorite game! We remembered you saying when we took them home to send pictures since you love to see how the dogs are doing, so I thought I'd send you one.

It makes me so happy to see the big smiles on their faces.


Melissa Cochrane


Daisy has really come out of her shell. Very loving and gentle but can be very alpha with other dogs, in a friendly way. She is Sheltie verbal and is loving her home. We love her too.

Here is a Happy Tail photo.




In Memory of Toby 2011
Toby came from a shelter in Los Angeles as an abandoned 5 year old Chow. He was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma tumor in his mouth while he was being fostered. Thanks to many who helped pay for surgery his life was prolonged signifigantly.

John Sullivan and Lorene in Citrus Heights fostered and adopted him as one of their own. Thankfully, Toby was able to be part of a family until sadly the cancer returned. Toby held on for a while with his family but the cancer had spread too much.

Toby loved getting his string cheese from John and Lorene.


Marley and Juno
Barbara adopted Marley (on left) from Chows Plus and Juno (on right) from a shelter on the same day. They are now buddies.

From Barbara:
He is a wonderful dog. He loves everybody, and loves other dogs. People and dogs are cautious around him because he is so big, but he is such a good dog, happy and playful. He races around the yard. He loves to chase squirrels. He is learning how to heel, stop, and walk. He is already an excellent sitter. My neighbors are helping walk him, too, which is wonderful for him and for them, since they don't want to own a dog. I call them surrogate dog parents. Everybody loves him! I feel so fortunate to have been able to adopt him. Thank you,

Barbara Hays


Jaz is doing really well. He has a new favorite toy (in the photo). It's a giraffe and he loves to fling it around and sleep with it.

He's just a joy and we love him so much!
Happy New Year,

Dawn Hradecky


I wanted to send you a note of hello and let you know how freakin' crazy happy Kara & I are!!!! I really sound like a broken record as I am constantly telling people how blessed I am to have found Kara. She is the BEST dog!!...so sweet, smart, geat in the house, a lil' love bug & gets along with everyone! My mom has said more than once, she is perfect! And I agree :)

Nancy & Kara


Just wanted to send you pictures of Bear (Champ is what he was named when we got him). What an amazing dog, he turned out to be a one in a million, loves other dogs and anyone that will touch him. Me and my son and friend are the ones who drove from Utah to pick him up about two years ago. Hes doing great, thanks for adopting him to us!!!

Hope your rescue is still doing well, Thanks again Mark and Alec.

Mark Padgett

Bear !

Here's Andy getting a belly rub. We have had Andy for over a year and he is such a loving dog. He also LOVES to go to walks. Every time we say "walk time!!" he runs to the door. Our other dog does not like to be with other dogs . Andy was the first dog he enjoyed being with .

Thank you so much Chow Plus!

Christian Fuentes


Thanks to Rokki for sending us pics of Nibbles in her new spot.


Tuni is doing great! We think she knows that she is "Home". She has learned the invisible fence thing pretty good and loves being able to roam our yard keeping an eye on all the critters. We took her for her first boat ride and she loved it. Every time I go out on the dock, she goes to the boat thinking that it's time for another boat ride.

Warm regards,
Joanne & George


I can't express to you how HAPPY this little guy makes me. I will always miss my old chow-mix "Bubba".....but seeing Yogi's smile and his bright eyes looking up at me is a reward unto itself.

Mary Beth and Russ Van Voorhis

Admiral Yogi!

Polly and Chole
I wanted to let you know that Polly is doing great. She has brought so much joy to your family. She is very active. We go for long walks every day and play outside. She loves her new toys and plays with them all the time. She is so fun to be around. Last night I woke up and she was curled up on my pillow right above my head...She is SO cute. Thanks you so much for giving us an opportunity to adopt her. Here a picture that you can use for the gallery.Thanks again!

Polly and Chole!

Duchess at the Beach!

Cindy and Rex with Duchess and Pinnocio at the beach in Carmel, CA.

Duchess at the beach!

Buck Goes Golfing!

Thanks to Brian for sending us a picture of Buck (was named King) on the golf course.

Buck Goes Golfing!

Triscuit with Sandy!

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that Triscuit is doing great!! She gets along well with my other dog and cat, is eating well, runs laps in the back yard, loves her walks and is becoming very spoiled. I will send you a couple of pics in the next few days.



Triscuit with Sandy!

Maggie Adopted by Jacque!

She is doing GREAT and everybody just loves her. She's Mommy's baby girl. Again, thank you for giving much love to our family.


Maggie in Lincoln!

Bubbie Now Talulah!

Hi, Wanted to send some new pictures of our new little love machine. Her name is Talulah. That's ta-lu-lah. Flynn looves her. They both play for ever and ever. We are so fortunate to have been the family to give her the ultimate life of love, cuddles and kisses. Thank you so much to the chows plus rescue group, especially, Trina. Talulah sends a big wet kiss to you, she is so happy with us.


Flynn and Talulah!

Cathy and Buddy (Hamilton)

What a love bug......he spends a lot of time in his crate. He feels safe there.. However, if I have company he is my constant companion and protector. If you meet Buddy you would only know Chows as "love bugs'.

Cathy Smith

Cathy and Buddy (Hamilton)!

Callie the Laser Dog!

One day at the park a lady said her dog liked the little laser lights to chase around. Well that is her thing !! She is so funny. When the sun was still shining... it would reflect off of something on the back patio and shine onto the floor and dance around - she loves it. She has such a sweet disposition and it is like she has always belonged here. Thank you so much for your efforts and thank you so much for my Callie girl, she is a great companion. Keep up the good work and we will check in later.

Donna Cano

Callie Likes Laser Tag!

Princess Phoebe!

Phoebe adopted by Claudia Vest. She is one spoiled princess.

Spoiled Phoebe!

Lollie, Rich, Maddie!

Dear Cheryl,

We wanted to tell you how happy we are with our little Lollie.Lollie's foster mom named her,we kept her name because her foster mom was so good to her and we are so grateful.She has been such a joy,she has a great personality,she fills up our hearts.Thank you,for all that you do to bring these doggie's to loving homes,and happiness to the families that adopt them. Rich and Maddie


Gretta, Julie and Hermie!

Happy Harvest!

Here are some cute photos! She loves our guinea pigs and Hermie in particular is her special buddy!

Julie Bline


Mia and Kris!

Mia has helped heal my broken heart from the loss of my black chow, Beamer. I fell in love with Mia the moment I saw her. She has adapted quite well to our house in the woods. She does the "happy spinning dance" when I come home from work every day. I am so in love with this dog. She is aloof with strangers, until she hears her name, then her tail wags like there is no tomorrow. I am grateful to have found her at Chows Plus.

Mia and Kris!

Rosie and Donna!

I want to tell you that I could not possibly have found a better match for me than my little Minnie. I renamed her Rosie, by the way. We both want to thank you so very much again for bringing us together. Keep up the wonderful work. Donna and Rosie Hagerman

Rosie and Donna!

Korah (previously Lexie) and Family!

Dear Chows Plus,

I am so glad to have Lexie who is now Korah in our home. She has made a wonderful addition to our little family of dogs. I found out she loves the river. She also enjoys playing with Trigger and Lucky who are the 2 Jack Russell Terriers. I could not have asked for a better dog to come along in my life. Thank you Chows Plus for all that you do and the love you have for these animals. You truly make a difference.

Lauren, Wade, Trigger, Lucky and Korah!

Cuddles and Friends in Auburn, CA!


Emmie enjoying a day out hiking in Nevada with her new family!

Korah and Lauren in Grass Valley, CA!

Cuddles (center)

Cuddles has been an incredible addition to this family! My Collie and Golden took her in immediately and my daughters don't go long without lovin' on her.

Thank you again for considering us - she's an absolute joy!



Cuddles and Friends in Auburn, CA!

Dinky (formally known as Munchkin)

Well just wanted to let you guys know that it's been a year since I adopted Dinky and it's been great! She is doing great and loving life. It took her a while to accept my husband and son but she loves them now and accepts them as part of her family. She is still very leary of new men but has gotten much better. She and our other 2 dogs a Lab and a chihuahua play all the time! She loves to go bye-bye in the car, for walks around the neighborhood and went on her first camping trip to the ocean last November. We are set to go again in August and can't wait Dinky especially loved running on the sandy beach and going for her morning walk with "Dad". I want to thank you again for bringing her into my life, she is a joy and I couldn't love her more!

Stacey Hanks

Dinky (aka Munchkin)!

Corky and Friend at Pt. Isabela Dog Park

We keep saying how lucky we are to have gotten such a great dog right off the bat. I hope the attached pictures make you smile, we can't help but smile when we look at him, he is so cute, goofy, and handsome. It saddens us to think he almost lost his life. Thank you for what you do to save the lives of such awesome creatures.


Rich, Chenoa, B & Bodi

P.S. The outdoor pictures are from our favorite dog park, Point Isabel in Richmond

Corky now Bodi with friend 'B'!

Blueberry Graduated Tuesday!

Our baby Blueberry graduated last Tuesday! She did EVERYTHING for her final exam, including the "come when your name is called" test. Thanks so much once again for connecting us with our dog. She has been a joy to have, loving us and protecting us. It was worth the rental car and the six hours of driving to have found her (or maybe she found us!) You run your organization with such heart and it was wonderful to be be able to ask you all the "Chow parents to be" questions before, during and after adopting our Blueberry (formerly Prudence).


Maria Paz
Pacifica, CA

Prudence now Blueberry and living in Pacifica!

Bingo Now Bongo!

Hi just wanted to update you on Bingo, now Bongo. He loves his new brother, Nemo, a 2 year old poodle/bichon/westie mix. He has had his bad eye removed and is soooo much happier without it bothering him all the time. His ear infections and yeast issues are much better and he is on a special diet that has helped with his allergies. He is a really a different dog with much more energy and spirit now that he feels better and is in a forever home. Thanks for taking care of him and rescuing him. The work your group does is amazing.


Bongo's Mommy, Laura

Bongo and Blue Dog!

Max Rescued!

Hi. I am Max. I was rescued. My new mom and dad love me so much. I love to ride in the car with her. I go with her almost everywhere. And I keep her company when she is at home. My mom's daughter gave me a special soft blanket from Cosco that is so cosy! I love to play with my toys and I have a nice soft bed to sleep in next to my mom at night. We take walks every day and I have lots of dog friends in the neighborhood that I get to visit on our walks. I have a nice yard to run in and comfy furniture to take naps on. My mom bought me a beautiful warm coat, a warm sweater and a rain coat to walk in the rain. I love my new home!!!!



Kona with Cheryl and Jim!

Kona is happy with Cheryl and Jim in Sacramento, CA!

Kona in Sacramento!

Ruby with Linda and Val!

It's been two weeks and a day now, and Ruby is doing very well. She has been in the car many times and is a perfect angel. She rarely barks, wines, or cries (just when she wants out of her crate in the morning and even then very rarely). She is starting to play with her toys, and run around a bit more. So, I'm sure she is feeling much better (from her surgery) and more confident about her special place in our family.

Thanks again.


Ruby with Linda!

Brewster with Yolanda!

Brewster all ready for Christmas!
Thank you Yolanda for giving Brewster such a wonderful home.

Brewster ready for Christmas!

Django (formerly Conner) and Ann!

I'm attaching a number of pictures of Django so you can see what a wonderful friend he is! He goes absolutely everywhere with me, and has gained 2 pounds- which was much needed. We've even braved cold weather camping in early December! Never fear, I purchased an insulated coat for him to wear, and we had a portable heater for overnight. :)

Overall, he has greatly enriched my life and I coulnd't speak more highly of him. THANK YOU for finding him at the shelter and keepiong him safe and secure until I found him. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Merry Christmas, Warm Regards,


Brewster ready for Christmas!

Adopted to The Snell Family in Sacramento, CA!

Our added blessings to our home....Maximus and Nevaeh ...joining Taz and Lola the bunny! Loving every minute with the puppies. They are doing wonderful in their new home. Thank you to Chows Plus Rescue for all that you do.


Maximus, Nevaeh and Family in Sacramento, CA!

Adopted to Jess and Family in Berkeley!

Frankie's first day at his new home. The kids were thrilled to meet Frankie and he seems to be adjusting just fine! Frankie is really sweet, mellow, quiet, and calm. Jess

Frankie and family!

Koa Update!

Just thought I'd update you on Koa. He is doing fantastic! He loves to meet dogs down at the river and play and run...boy can this dog run and jump! Absolutely amazing. He has discovered water, and loves to splash, run, swim and fetch sticks, rocks or really anything that is thrown for him.

He provides us with so much laughter...he is so good for the soul! Thank you again for all you do and for connecting our family with just the right dog!

Danielle Pinney


Ted E Bear and Reese!

Things are going great. Ted E. Bear is so sweet. He has been with us 4 days and we still have not heard him bark. Nothing provokes him -- dogs, cats, strangers, kids, doorbells, vacuum cleaner, his personality is always calm. He seems a little scared at first when meeting other people ( he tends to run and trys to hide) but after a minute he warms up and comes running, tail wagging, for some attention. Everyday he warms up more and more and our whole family just loves him. I don't want to babble on and on about how much fun we are having with Ted E Bear. He is a great pet and I hope he is happy here.. Enjoy! Thank you for everything, I will stay in touch.


Ted E Bear with Reese!


Gigi happy in her new home

Gigi at her new home!


Muffin is already spoiled! She is adjusting well here. She loves her daily walks. Muffin is a very loving and sweet dog. She is a great new addition to our family. She is so good with the kids! She likes to put the kids to sleep. It is the cutest thing! She lays down with them until they fall asleep. Then she comes out and wants to go to her own bed.....Very good dog! Here are some picture we took since she has been here....

Thank you so much! Our family could not be happier to have Muffin as a family member!

Kellee Foreman


Sasha and Lola!

Sasha and Lola with mom, Michelle.

Sasha and Lola with Michelle!


Koa continues to fit in just perfect with our family! He is such an awesome dog. Housebroken, obedient (mostly), becoming very playful, definitely lovable! He truly could careless about the cats or rabbit, though, the cats are still a bit scared, but at least they come in the house and will look at him!

Thanks again for all you do for the doggies and for bringing Koa to our family! :-)



Candie and Family!

I have to say that Candie is a perfect fit for our household. We are greatly impressed with how intelligent she is and with how well behaved she can be. She gets round the clock attention from us which she seems to love as well. Thank you so much for helping us through this process.

Tracy Phillips

Puffy and Family!

Puffy and Family!

Here are a couple of pictures of Puffy. He is doing so good. He is a great addition to the family.

Neil and Family

Puffy and Family!

Pippa and Freddy!

Pippa and her brother Freddy are happy in Penn Valley, CA.

Pippa and Freddy!

Lottie in Daly City!

Thank you to Laura and Theo of Daly City for giving Lottie a wonderful home. Lottie has a brother Winston that is her good buddy..


Nala in San Jose!

Nala was rescued from a Los Angeles Shelter and adopted by Ronnie in San Jose

Nala in San Jose, CA!

Daphne and John!

She's doing great. She came up the stairs on her own for the first time last night and slept in our room on the floor. She was a little hesitant to go down the stairs this morning but made it fine. And by the time we left for work, she was going up and down whenever she wanted. She just follows us around the house everywhere we go. And she's very quickly learning to sit on command--we think she's a fast learner. Thanks again for allowing us to adopt Daphne--she's the best. She'll take her last antibiotic tomorrow morning. I'm no vet, but she's seems to be feeling great.

John & Christina

Amanda is now Daphne!

Boomer and Kula!

Just a quick note to let you know that Boomer has found his permanent home and is adjusting very nicely to his new surroundings. He is very well mannered and is having a blast playing with our golden "Kula". Attached are a few photos showing Boomer with his new best friend and relaxing after a hard day of play. We'll continue to keep you updated on his new life. Thank you again for helping save Boomer!

Mark, Heidi, Elise, Elena, and Kula Funseth

Boomer and Kula!

Pearl and Family!

I just wanted to give you a little update on Pearl... she is doing FABULOUS! I honestly don't think she could be any happier!

To sum it all up, we could not be happier! She is the perfect addition to my little family and I know that she was meant to be with us!

I have attached a picture of the three of us, with Pearl in her 'spot'.

Amber, Macie and Pearl

Pearl and Family!

Molly (was Tara) Update!

Just a quick note to give you an update on Molly (also pictured is Calvin). She is getting much better on the leash and had her first visit to a dog park over the weekend. In the past three weeks, she has also been able to visit Wine Country and Stinson beach.

Thank you again.
Chris and Victoria Thomas

Tara now Molly!

Teddy Update!

Just wanted to give a little update on Mr Teddy. He is doing great and he received a clean bill of health from the vet. He figured he was about 7 years old. Thanks again for Teddy he has become a part of the family. Merry Christmas

Rebecca & John Chidester


Pretty Penny!

After a lot of vet care, Penny is doing great with Miriam and Family in Texas.

Penny in Texas!

Jody and Desiree!

Jody (Lottie's puppy) with new Mom Desiree.


Lola and Payton!

Lola (Lottie's puppy) and Payton with Mom. Thank you to Michelle and Gary for giving both pups a great home.

Lola and Payton!

Wally and Lucky!

Wally and Lucky have a nice home with Nona in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Wally and Lucky!

Buck now in Coalinga, CA!

King is now named Buck and was adopted by Brian and Michelle!

Buck in his new home!

Lola Looks Great!

Lola is pictured in her new home.

Lola in her new home!

Rascal In His Summer Cut!

Thank You Rita for sending us pictures of Rascal in his new home.

Rascal in his new home!

More Belinda Photos!

Thanks to Cheryl and Scott for sending us Belinda photos to share. Belinda is blind and happy in Rancho Murietta, CA.

Belinda with her toy!

Kasey Gets Adopted!

Pictured are Kasey and his new family in Vallejo, CA. He is such a good boy! Thank you to Pam and Steve Gorman for looking after Kasey after being abandoned and almost killed.

Kasey and his new family in Vallejo, CA!

Bailey the popular dog!

Jason who adopted Bailey just sent this picture saying: "The kids are trying to convince Bailey to sleep in their room tonight"

Bailey the popular dog!

Blind Belinda finds a great home!

Thank you to Cheryl and Scott for adopting super sweet blind Belinda in Rancho Murietta, CA!

Belinda with Cheryl!

Two Blind Dogs Playing at the Dog Friendly Bar!

Belinda (on left) plays with Pearl in Alleghany, CA at Casey's Place, a dog friendly bar at 6000ft, population: 100. Pearl (from Sac City Animal Control) was adopted by Carre, Ruby and Elle and Belinda now lives with Scott and Cheryl.

Two Blind Dogs Playing at the Dog Friendly Bar!

Lucy is Happy in Arizona!

Thank you to Walt and Diane Englund for adopting Lucy, giving her a great home and sending us pictures.

Lucy is Happy in Arizona!

Leo now Teddy Bernstein

Leo is now Happy with Neil and Evy in Foster City, CA. He is now Teddy Bernstein!

Leo now Teddy in Foster City!

Sadie and Q Safe

Sadie and Q are pictured in their new home! They were kicked out of their home in Sacramento after being loyal pets for 12 years. Fortunately for them Cheryl worked very hard to find them a new home.

Sadie and Q in their new home!









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